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Induction Effect - Parallel Worlds [REMIXES]

Posted 5/25/2017

Induction Effect Production Presents Exclusive Remixes Collection...

Parallel Worlds [REMIXES] includes:

Three exclusive remixes -

* Eternal Love [Chill Out Remix]

* Tony Igy [Chill Step Remix]

* Max Pride [Drum & Bass Remix]

Open your heart to the New World...

Artist: Induction Effect
Release: Parallel Worlds ( Remixes) - Single
Genres: Chill Out, Chill Step, Drum and Bass
Starring: Eternal Love, Tony Igy, Max Pride
Artwork: Max Star

Produced: Induction Effect Production 

Released: 25 May, 2017
Time: 13 min


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 Induction Effect  May 25, 2017 Ⓟ: Induction Effect, LLC

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