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Induction Effect - [RELOAD]

Posted 12/15/2015

Induction Effect  presents new album!


Induction Effect - [RELOAD]Induction Effect - [RELOAD]

Artist: Induction Effect

Style: Experimental, Downtempo, Trap

Time: 33:24

Released: December 15, 2015

Mastering: Sledger music

Cover Album: Ilia Isachic-Isaev


Induction Effect with the support of experimental music label PICPACK presents new album!


[RELOAD] - This is a tough conceptual restart of the first release of the project! Listening [RELOAD], you open the mystery of the infinite universe, and images appear in front of you - the Unknown World, filled with the sounds of extraterrestrial events and Unexplained! The album clearly traced storyline with post-apocalyptic mood in separate tracks.


[RELOAD] - are seven full-remix songs, stories from another dimension and six intro to them! Concept album starts with loading a new musical world and ends with its implementation, according to tradition at the end of the album the listener will be a surprise in the form of changing the composition of sound!

The album is divided on the sides AB and CD will be released on vinyl and exclusive limited edition!




1. Loading 
2. From the Abyss [Spacewalk 2]
3. The Arrival 
4. Solar Energy [Solar Wave 2] 
5. Across the Sky 
6. Kingdom [Inspire Emotions 2]

7. Outside 
8. Blizzard [Snowfall 2] 
9. System 
10. Polaris [Northern Lights 2]
11. Lullaby [In the Beginning 2]
12. Hurricane [Induction Hybrid] 
13. Completed 


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Open your heart to the New World...



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